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Modular-Custom Design configurations built-to requirements

Curing, drying, ageing, annealing or any heat processing tests at higher temperatures Envisys has the oven to meet your needs.

Whether it is a standard conventional drying application using shelves or conveyor drying or drying through infrared bulbs Envisys provides all types of drying solutions with custom configured designs and sizes.

Control Features..

  • Microprocessor based PID Single.
  • Set Point or Programmable controller with precise temperature control.
  • External timer for cut off of operation.
  • (Optional) Blind High temperature safety cut-off within the unit.
  • Solid state control relays for heating power control. Etc.
Temperature Accuracy

High temperature accuracies providing reliable test results for any variety of test specimens.


Uniform air-circulation for better temperature gradient in the working space.


Single Set Point PID Controller / Programmable Controller.

Standard Models

Parameters/Models Specifications/Work-Space Dimensions
  • EO150-250T
  • EO300-250T
  • EO600-250T
  • EO950-250T
  • EO1400-250T
  • 550X400X700 MM
  • 650X600X800 MM
  • 800X850X900 MM
  • 1000X100X950 MM
  • 1100X1350X950 MM
Volume (in liters) 150,300,600,950&1400
Temperature 250 °C

Industrial Dryers:

Designed for Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals, Food, Textiles and other industries. Triple walled in construction for close loop circulation. Available in various capacities of drying. Custom-built to various drying needs..

Standard Models

Varieties of

Industrial Ovens

Temperature Oven

Vacuum Oven

Walk-in Oven

Custom-Built Oven

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