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Rain Chambers

Industrial Walk in Rain Test Chamber Manufacturers & Suppliers USA, UK, Russia

ER-Series Rain Chambers are designed and manufactured to meet IP tests viz., IP Test (X1 to X8) IP Test (X4K, X6K & X9K) in different possible configurations.

ER-Series Rain Chambers are also built according to various other international standards viz., BIS, JIS, IEC-60529, EN, DIN, JSS-55555, MIL etc.,

  • Designed to meet Ingress Protection Standards.
  • Built to the requirement from component level testing, room level testing to field testing of large sized products.
  • High quality corrosive resistance material for construction.
  • Drip-tank designed and manufactured to meet the desired fall-rate as per standards.
  • Spray and Jet nozzles are manufactured in single operation CNC with high dimensional accuracies.Highly reliable water circulation pump and pipeline.
  • Vibration-free rotating table with variable speed control.
  • Full-view glass door with wiper.
Rain Chambers
Touch screen based complete user-programmable console capable of controlling and monitoring rain test parameters viz., pressure, set duration etc.,


  • Pre-set programmable timer.
  • Each sub-system with independent selection switch.
  • Single-set point microprocessor based PID controller for IPX9K.
  • Digital RPM indicator and sensor to read table RPM.
  • Analog pressure gauge and flow-meter for water pressure and flow monitoring.
  • Manual operated by-pass valves to set required flow and pressure.


Touch screen based complete user-programmable console capable of controlling and monitoring rain test parameters viz., pressure, flow-rate, set duration etc.,

Rain Chambers

During their service life, products are exposed to a variety of atmospheric agents as well as fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Rain accelerates the degradation process. The walk in rain test chambers conduct testing on products that are exposed to the environment, even if not on a regular basis, such as lighting, satellite dishes, and automobiles. These products must be able to perform reliably in different rain conditions.

Being one of the foremost manufacturers and suppliers of industrial rain test chambers in USA, UK & Russia, Envisys has built up a wealth of testing experience over the years and, because of their versatility, can construct customised rain spray test chambers to fulfill every testing requirement as well as special customer requirements. We offer the engineering design capabilities and knowledge to customise walk in rain test chambers to specific configurations or performance requirements. Because of their great quality and affordable price, our rain spray test chambers are in high demand. Furthermore, we ensure that these products are delivered on time to our clients, and as a result, we have amassed a sizable client base in the industry.

Our standardized walk-in rain test chamber can be configured for the rain/spray tests you need, eliminating the speculation in purchasing a chamber. Our modular design allows you to add on additional features, depending on the number and type of tests required, and is built to the requirement from component level testing, room level testing to field testing of large-sized products. In addition, we are a leader in the production and distribution of high-quality walk-in rain test chambers.

Envisys is also a leading exporter of industrial rains test chambers to countries like the USA, UK, and Russia. Our rain test chambers are made under the supervision of experienced specialists who completely adhere to internationally established rules and standards. We also offer these items in a customisable range to meet the needs of clients. Our experts make certain that these products get to the client's premises on time and in good condition.

Varities of

Rain Chambers

Rain Chambers


Rain Chambers


Rain Chambers


Rain Chambers

IPX1 - IPX4 JIS D0203

Rain Chambers

IPX3 – IPX4 IPX9K JIS D0203 JSS 55555

Rain Chambers


Rain Chambers


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