Blowing Sand & Dust Test Chambers Manufacturers & Suppliers USA, UK, Russia

Testing the resistance of products against the dust.. Determining the ingress protection.

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Sand and Dust Test Chambers Manufacturers & Suppliers USA, UK, Russia

Envisys Technologies manufactures standard and custom sand & dust chambers to meet the specified requirements of dust test as per various international standards.

  • Free-flow dust circulation centrifugal blower.
  • Uniform floating dust simulation across the test space.
  • Dust pre-heating mechanism for free flow of the dust.
  • Hopper re-vibration for free fall of settled dust.
  • Blower speed regulation to ensure metered uniform dust floating inside the test space.
  • Oil-free vacuum pump to simulate negative pressure for IP6X test.
  • Volumetric air-flow meter/counter for IP6X test.
  • Full view window with illumination.
  • User-friendly touch control/Multi-function programmable timer.
dust test chamber

Blower speed regulation to ensure metered uniform dust floating inside the Test space.

Cycling Dust Test Programmable Capability.

Ease Usage
User-Friendly Touch Control/Multi-Function Programmable Timer.

Blowing Sand Dust test chambers are used in a variety of industries to assess a component's ability to function in a dusty environment. Envisys is one of the leading sand and dust test chamber manufacturers and suppliers in India as well as the USA, UK, and Russia. We manufacture standard and custom blowing sand dust chambers to meet the specified requirements of dust tests as per various international standards in different industrial applications. We maintain our leadership position as a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality sand and dust chambers and associated facilities, thanks to our philosophy of constant collaboration with our team of highly skilled design and engineering experts. Our sand and dust test chambers can reproduce, within the test chamber, the electrical and mechanical effects caused by the intrusion of sandy or dust material on equipment to assess its suitability to operate and be stored in certain environments. Moreover, our sand and dust test chambers are designed keeping in mind safety, reliability, ease of operating, and ergonomics.

Envisys has accumulated a wealth of testing experience over the years and can develop customised chambers to fulfill any testing requirement and the special requirements of our clients. Our blowing sand test chamber is designed in accordance with international standards and client requests and assist in measuring the flexibility of equipment to resist sand that can penetrate cracks, crevices, bearings, and joints, while not degrading performance, effectiveness, and maintainability because of abrasion (erosion) or preventive effects of huge, sharp-edged particles. Our dust test chambers are made using cutting-edge technology and high-quality components. We consider the needs of the client and develop the chambers with the utmost safety in mind.

Being the topmost manufacturer and supplier of sand and dust test chambers in USA, UK, Rusia & India, our chambers are made under the supervision of skilled professionals who completely adhere to the industry's set norms and regulations. Furthermore, while manufacturing, our experts ensure that quality-tested materials and modern machines are used. A team of professionals oversees each stage of production and monitors the whole manufacturing process to ensure that higher quality standards are met.

sand and dust test chamber



  • IEC – 60529
  • IEC-68-2-68
  • DIN 40050 Part 9
  • DIN/VDE 470
  • DIN EN 60068-2-68
  • SAE J575
  • MIL
  • JSS 55555
  • JIS etc.,
Note: Single system doesn't comply with all standards. The test systems are manufactured as per user specified or required standards.

Standard Models

MODELSEDC - 1000EDC - 1500EDC-3375
1000 Liters1500 Liters3375 Liters

Varieties of

Dust Chambers

sand test chamber

JSS 55555 - Dust Model

blowing sand and dust test chamber

Custom - Built - Dust Model

Dust Chamber - Custom built

IEC 60529 - Dust Model

Dust Chambers

SAE J575 - Dust Model

Dust chamber

JIS 0207 - Dust Model

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