Battery Testing Chambers

Safe Testing of Batteries against Environmental Stresses.

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ET-color touch programmer with built in web server for monitoring and operating from any internet connected PC or smartphone.

In-Built Features
Communication ports viz., RS-232, RS-485, USB, Ethernet and USB host port and many other in-built operation and security features.

ET-touch controller
ET-touch controller is custom designed to work with Envisys’s Environmental Testing chambers. The controller hardware is built with high performance industrial grade colour touch screen which allows the user to experience clear view of the chamber parameters.The software is designed for user friendly operation with highest level of safety and optimized chamber performance.

Standard Models

Temperature +/-40 / +/-70 deg C to 180 deg C
RH 10% to 95% (optional)

Envisys - Environmental Chambers for Battery Testing

These Chambers are designed and manufactured to meet various types of battery testing requirements of its customers by keeping all safety options in mind against any harmful explosions or ignitions and user safety while testing these batteries for environmental stress conditions.

  • Fire Suppression System (CO2).
  • Automatic Air Exchange System.
  • Mechanical Locking & Fire Extinguisher System.
  • Mechanical Pressure Relief Port.
  • Fire Detection/Alarm System ( O2 & CO ).
  • Status Indication & Smoke Detection.

Varieties of

Battery Testing Chambers

Battery Testing Model

Battery Testing Model

Battery Testing Model

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