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Combined Altitude Temperature &
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Altitude Chambers

High Temperature Altitude Test Chambers

Simulation of actual conditions of Aerospace Testing...

EA-Series Altitude Chambers offering the best of the unique and uncompromised features at competitive prices. Ideal for choosing your best suit for variable product sizes from the available range of standard sizes for meeting your test application for temperature, RH and low-pressure simulations of wide ranges. High performance & inherent reliability guaranteed for continuous testing of your products. These chambers can be easily movable on the wheels to convenient places and easy to maintain.

ET-color touch programmer with built in web server for monitoring and operating from any Internet connected PC or smart-phone.

  • ET-touch color touch programmer.
  • RS-232, RS-485, USB, Ethernet and USB host port.
  • Height adjustable specimen racks.
  • Cable ports.
  • Built-in web server which allows remote monitoring and operation of your test chamber from any Internet connected PC or Smart Phone.

Standard Models

  • ET600 - 40T/70T 40H/70H
  • ET950 - 40T/70T 40H/70H
  • ET1400 - 40T/70T 40H/70H
Work-Space Dimensions:
  • 800X850X900 MM
  • 1000X100X950 MM
  • 1100X1350X950 MM
Temperature-40 / -70°C to 180°C
Relative Humidity10% to 95% (optional)
AltitudeUp to 10 m bar
Altitude Chambers

An high altitude temperature test chamber enables users to adjust the temperature of the environmental test chamber while exposing the product under test to altitudes of up to 150000 feet. This combination of features enables accurate simulation of real-world situations that a product might face at different altitudes.

Envisys, based in Bangalore, India, is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of altitude test chambers. Our high altitude test chambers meld altitude and temperature to test basic components or sub-assemblies designed for use in a variety of industries. With altitude test chambers, clients can regulate the temperature conditions for testing while imitating various elevations from ground level to 100,000 feet. Temperature and low-pressure altitude conditions are tested together in the low and high altitude test chamber. All models have been factory tested and feature a user-friendly design that is both ergonomic and maintenance-friendly.

During flights, aircraft and their components are subjected to high pressure and environmental conditions. These factors have a big impact on how individual components work, thus they need to be monitored and measured for safety reasons. Envisys temperature high altitude chamber allows aerospace components to be tested in a regulated pressure, temperature, and humidity environment. Our altitude test chambers offer the best features with uncompromised quality at the most competitive prices. These chambers have a high performance and in-built reliability which is guaranteed. They are easily movable on wheels to convenient locations and require little maintenance. Moreover, we are also the leading exporter of altitude test chambers to markets in the USA, UK, and Russia.

altitude chambers

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Altitude Chambers

Altitude Chambers

Altitude Model

Altitude Model

Altitude Model

Altitude Chambers

Altitude Model

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