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Benchtop - Tabletop
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Benchtop - Tabletop Environmental Chambers

Benchtop - Tabletop
Mini Environmental Chamber

EM-Series MINI Environmental Chambers from Envisys Technologies designed for table/desk-mounting use with small foot-prints. Modular design suitable for small component level testing applications and space-constraint laboratories.

EM-series Mini Environmental Chambers offers flexibility, uniformity and control accuracy required for cost-effective testing. Ideal for testing smaller products such as electronic components, automotive component, these chambers combine superior performance with compact design that is perfect for small component testing. These chambers can be easily mounted on a laboratory bench top.

  • Mono-Block Construction with maintenance free sections and useraccess control desk. Available in standard sizes and temp/RH ranges.
  • Designed to meet the component level testing needs and space constraint laboratories.
  • Stand for mounting the chamber is available optionally as an accessory.
  • Control console can be provided with programmable (Colour touch) or single set point single or dual loop controllers of reputed /reliable makes.
  • Clear work space with shelves to place the smallest possible components as per the choice of customers.
  • Available in single/two Stage highly efficient mechanical refrigeration and eco-friendly refrigerants.

Made for Space Constraint Laboratories

Benchtop-Tabletop Environmental Chambers
Benchtop-Tabletop Environmental Controllers
EM-MINI SERIES – Space Saving & Cost Competitive..
Full front opening closed door & illumination widow type MINI chambers with optional control consoles of programmable touch-screen/single/dual loop controllers.

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