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Thermal Shock Environmental Test Chamber | Thermal Cycling Chamber

ETS-Series air-to-air and liquid-to-liquid Thermal Shock Chambers from Envisys are available in different volumes to suit the varied testing needs. Horizontal or vertical models consisting of cold and hot zones with product carrier basket of sizes 50, 100, 150, 300, 600 and 900 litres which transfers the specimen under test between cold and hot zones using electro pneumatic / motorized basket movement.

  • Mono-Block construction with easy reach-in maintenance sections and user- friendly control desk
  • Designed to meet variety of testing applications on diverse sizes of testing specimens
  • LED illuminated work-space with multi-pane vaccumized glass view window (on the hot zone)
  • High grade SS interiors & CRCS powder coated outer panels with durable SS basket with tray slots
  • Silicone rubber double layered sealing and heavy duty di-casted aluminium locks and hinges
  • Compressed air-free vertical basket changeover using electro-pneumatic mechanism
  • Easy access door handle cum HMI mount-front access operating monitor


  • Colour touch programmer with built- in web server that allows remote monitoring and operation of your chamber from any Internet connected PC or smart phone.
  • Communication ports viz., RS-232, RS-485, USB, Ethernet and USB host port.
  • Onboard 256 MB user memory and extender SD card up to 2 GB memory for data and program storage.
  • Direct real time trend capture and storage provision on the controller.
  • Total programming capability up to 99 programs.
  • 3 User programmable soft keys with LED indication for pre-assigned functions.
  • Test data storage of individual file and folder wrt time.
  • Graphical programming for faster programming and program view.
  • Real time trend available with user scaling.
  • On demand auto tuning.
  • Three level security for different user access.
thermal cycling chamber


Standard Volumes150,300,600,950&1400 Liters
Temperature-40 / -70°C to 200°C   +/- 1°C
Basket Transition Time<10 Secs
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Thermal Shock Chambers

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Thermal Shock Chamber

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