Vibration Shaker Climatic Testing Temperature Chambers Manufacturers & Suppliers USA, UK, Russia

Environmental Testing Chambers With Vibration Shaker Interface

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Vibration test chambers

Vibration Climatic Shaker Testing Chambers Manufacturers & Suppliers USA, UK, Russia

  • Vibration test assembly with Environmental Test Chamber is designed and manufactured as per specific requirement of the customers meeting various international standards.
  • Combined chamber consists of Environmental Test Chamber, Vibration Shaker Interface Provision, HMI/PC PLC based Control System etc.,
  • This electrodynamic vibration shaker chamber is designed with unique features to meet the control parameters like Temperature, Humidity (optional) and 3 Axis Vibration Controls which are specified in the specification.
  • Vibration Chamber is designed and manufactured in Cantilever mono block construction with motorized precise height adjustment mechanism to vibration interface shaker. Structure of the electrodynamic vibration chamber is divided in two main sections a) Outer chamber b) Inner chamber. Outer chamber is constructed/fabricated with CRCS with electrostatic powder coating to resist all kind of weather changes. Inner chamber is constructed/ fabricated with Stainless steel 304 grade sheet metal with proper reinforcement to hold thermal stress. In between the outer and inner chamber there will be an insulation using.
  • High density low conduction mineral wool insulation to avoid thermal losses.
  • Vibration Chamber door will have multi-pane toughened insulated window with automatic heating control system to avoid conduction for a clear view-thro. Heavy duty adjustable door hinges are used on the left-side of the chamber and on the right of the door there will be a door-locking arrangement for easy operation of the door opening and closing. Between the inner chamber and door double layer silicon gasket is used to avoid leakage.
Vibration shaker chamber


  • Bottom of the electrodynamic vibration chamber will have specially designed interchangeable hood with interface mechanism to couple the shaker and chamber during combined tests.
  • Electrodynamic Vibration Chamber will be moved up and down vertically through friction-free guided U channel and wheel.
  • Electrodynamic Vibration Chamber will be moved horizontally manually using heavy duty castor wheel with railing.
  • Multi-level diagonally joined airlock silicone rubber sealing the door and chamber with conduction free isolation mounts.
  • Test chamber shall have illumination lamps with pre-set cut-off timings.
  • Insulated door with viewing window of size 400 x 500 / 500x 700 MM or suitable with condensation free heaters. Sensors for detection of open door and safety shut-down of chamber operation and alert message on the screen.
  • xFeed-through holes: Two sizes of 75 mm diameter access ports with to connect the product during active test conditions.
  • The vibration chamber shall be mounted on 4” Heavy-duty castor wheels and leveling pads ensuring easy erection & movement of the system.
  • Independent compartment will be provided for Refrigeration and control system in one unit. Refrigeration system is designed with Mechanical single stage / Cascade air/water cooled refrigeration system using Hermetic/Semi hermetic compressors. Refrigeration system comprises of control accessories such as Heat exchanges, Solenoid, pressure controls, Expansion devices etc., of reputed makes.


  • Bottom of the Vibration chamber will have specially designed interchangeable hood with interface mechanism to couple the shaker and chamber during combined tests.
  • Chamber will be moved up and down vertically through friction-free guided U channel and wheel.
  • Chamber will be moved horizontally manually using heavy duty castor wheel with railing.
  • ET-touch color touch programmer.
  • RS-232, RS-485, USB, Ethernet and USB host port.
  • Height adjustable specimen racks.
  • Cable ports.
  • Built-in web server which allows remote monitoring and operation of your test chamber from any Internet connected PC or Smart Phone.


ETV150 - 40T/70T 40H/70H550X400X700 MM
ETV300 - 40T/70T 40H/70H650X600X800 MM
ETV600 - 40T/70T 40H/70H800X850X900 MM
ETV950 - 40T/70T 40H/70H1000X100X950 MM
ETV1400-40T/70T 40H/70H1100X1350X950 MM
Volume150,300,600,950&1400 Liters
Temp-40 / -70 to 180°C
Relative Humidity10 to 95% RH

Vibration testing in a climatic chamber allows the product to be subjected to a variety of tests, including vibrations, temperature fluctuations, and climatic variations. This test evaluates an equipment's or component's resistance to a combination of climatic and mechanical stresses which can impair performance in regular use. Aerospace and automotive components are two of the most common types of items that must undergo such tests to assure user safety and reliability.

Envisys is one of the globally prominent manufacturers and suppliers of Vibration Climatic Testing Chamber. Our vibration shaker testing chamber is designed and manufactured to meet the specific needs of our clients while also complying with a number of global standards. Moreover, our vibration shaker test chambers have been highly endorsed by our clients because of their flexibility to adjust to various shakers, test modes combinations with low temperature, high temperature, and humidity. Our vibration climatic test chambers are developed with unique features to match the control parameters given in the specification, such as temperature, humidity (optional), and 3 axis vibration controls.

Envisys’ vibration testing chambers are made to work with either electrodynamic or mechanical vibration systems, depending on the customer's request. While each model is built to standard specifications, it can also be custom designed to meet a range of rigorous test requirements. With our base in many top nations across the globe such as the USA, UK, and Russia, Envisys’ commercial vibration chambers are built to match the latest innovation and are up-to-date in terms of systems and techniques. To maintain reliability and consistency at each stage of manufacturing, we constantly update our technology and methodologies. We have shown incredible resiliency and fortitude over the years. We are committed to increasing productivity by focusing on constant innovation and improvement of our products and people.

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