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Razor Blade Test Chambers

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Strip - Cooled Deep Freezer for Sub-Zero Treatment of Razor Blades. Deep Freezer for Razor Blades designed for sub-zero process of razor blades coming out of furnace. It works on conduction principle of heat transfer method to cool the heated strip by sub-zero process

  • ESC-Series Strip cooler – Deep freezer is designed with uncompromised features included in the system to meet the changing application needs of simulation of deep temperatures upto -80°C for sub-zero process applications of razor blades coming out from the freezer.
  • Product is inbuilt with robust cascade water cooled refrigeration system with highly efficient BPHE for Water cooled condenser and Cascade heat exchanger.
  • Evaporator heat exchanger is designed with two layers of Solid aluminum block over with blade passing brass plate for conduction cool passing.
  • Deep freezer is designed with conduction heat transfer method to cool the heated strip for sub-zero process.

  • Condition section is made with solid block Aluminium heat exchanger via conduction method.
  • Over the heat exchanger Brass slatted plate with dead weight will be Easy to access conditioning for maintenance.
  • On the brass sheet 2 or 4 numbers of 50x15mm slots will be provided for passing the strips.
  • Over the conditioning section insulated door will be provided.
Deep Freezer Chambers

Razor Blade Test Chambers
Freezing the Razor Blades

Envisys is a leading manufacturer and supplier of sub-zero test chambers based in Bangalore, India, and having exposure to markets across the globe such as the USA, UK, and Russia. It is our pleasure to provide a wide selection of sub-zero temperature chambers. These sub-zero chambers are precisely manufactured using top-grade material and up-to-date technology, keeping in mind the industry's set standard. We provide sub-zero chambers in a variety of specifications for you to choose from. Our offered sub-zero chambers are thoroughly tested by our skilled quality specialists to ensure their reliable operation.

Being one of India's top most sub-zero chamber manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters, our chambers come with a digital display that is quite accurate. The double-stage refrigeration of these items, along with high-quality sensors, is extremely effective for monitoring extremely low temperatures. Before being sent to our valuable clients, these products go through a series of quality assurance testing. We believe that these things should be delivered efficiently and on time. Clients may save product development time, boost consumer confidence, ensure product quality and dependability, cut expenses, and much more by using our sub-zero test chambers. We are here to foster continuous improvement and customer satisfaction on all levels. We are dedicated to providing consumers with high-quality, cost-effective products that meet all standards and regulatory requirements. With a focus on client satisfaction, our sub-zero test chambers are created with value, reliability, and performance in mind.

Having a team of talented and dedicated experts with extensive experience in this field, Envisys has managed to constantly acquire its valued clients from all over India as well as globally. We are dedicated to treating every client with the same level of significance, whether they are in the automotive, medical, or other industries. We work hard to explore new ideas and technology for our product development and services. We have always strived to implement internationally acclaimed quality policies to achieve our goals.


Strip Cooled Deep Freezer Test Chambers

Vertical Sub-Zero Chambers for heat treatment applications of automotive components.

ModelsCooling Capacity
ESC 140 – 80-1-T25kg/hr
ESC 280 – 80-1.5-T95kg/hr
ESC 600– 80-6-T125kg/hr
ESC 990 – 80-7.5-T250kg/hr
ESC 1700– 80-7.5-F225kg/hr
ESC 2500-80-10-F300kg/hr
Volume140,280,600,990,1700 & 2500 Litres
TempAmbient to 80°C

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Razor Blade Test Chambers
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Strip Cooled Deep Freezer Chambers

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