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Razor Blade Test Chambers

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Strip - Cooled Deep Freezer for Sub-Zero Treatment of Razor Blades. Deep Freezer for Razor Blades designed for sub-zero process of razor blades coming out of furnace. It works on conduction principle of heat transfer method to cool the heated strip by sub-zero process

  • ESC-Series Strip cooler – Deep freezer is designed with uncompromised features included in the system to meet the changing application needs of simulation of deep temperatures upto -80°C for sub-zero process applications of razor blades coming out from the freezer.
  • Product is inbuilt with robust cascade water cooled refrigeration system with highly efficient BPHE for Water cooled condenser and Cascade heat exchanger.
  • Evaporator heat exchanger is designed with two layers of Solid aluminum block over with blade passing brass plate for conduction cool passing.
  • Deep freezer is designed with conduction heat transfer method to cool the heated strip for sub-zero process.

  • Condition section is made with solid block Aluminium heat exchanger via conduction method.
  • Over the heat exchanger Brass slatted plate with dead weight will be Easy to access conditioning for maintenance.
  • On the brass sheet 2 or 4 numbers of 50x15mm slots will be provided for passing the strips.
  • Over the conditioning section insulated door will be provided.
Deep Freezer Chambers

Razor Blade Test Chambers
Freezing the Razor Blades


Strip Cooled Deep Freezer Test Chambers

Vertical Sub-Zero Chambers for heat treatment applications of automotive components.

ModelsCooling Capacity
ESC 140 – 80-1-T25kg/hr
ESC 280 – 80-1.5-T95kg/hr
ESC 600– 80-6-T125kg/hr
ESC 990 – 80-7.5-T250kg/hr
ESC 1700– 80-7.5-F225kg/hr
ESC 2500-80-10-F300kg/hr
Volume140,280,600,990,1700 & 2500 Litres
TempAmbient to 80°C

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Sub-Zero Treatment of Razor Blades Chambers

Razor Blade Test Chambers
Deep Freezer Chambers
Strip Cooled Deep Freezer Chambers

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