The Environmental Test Chamber carries out thermal tests on batteries of all types.

The battery industry is extensive and consists of batteries for several different uses. Automotive batteries, consumer use, and industrial use batteries are the most common.

As we enter the digital age, battery chamber manufacturers need to conduct battery testing in a safe and secure zone, since a majority of consumers use batteries. ET-Series Environmental Test Chambers offer a range of environmental test chambers for battery testing, considered as the safest and reliable way to test batteries.

Our varieties of Environmental Test Chambers

We offer a broad range of custom-made and standard environmental test chambers for battery testing, tailored to meet demanding requirements.

  1. Mini Environmental Chamber (Floor and Desk Model)
  2. Single Block Walk-In (Environmental Chamber)
  3. Custom Environmental Chamber
  4. ESS Chamber Our standard volumes of environmental test chambers are available in 150, 300, 600, 950 & 1400 Liters. The optimum temperature range is -40 / -70 °C to 180 °C +/-1°C and relative humidity is 10% to 95% +/- 3%.

The Benefits of Our Test Chambers

Here are a few of the benefits of using battery testing chambers.

● Easy maintenance sections and user-friendly control desk

● Designed to test applications on various sizes of testing examples

● Reduce the cost of operations and maintenance

● Cost-effective battery test chamber price with no additional costs

● You get accurate and repeatable results

● User-friendly program controller

● 256 MB user memory and extending storage up to 2 GB memory

● Program capability up to 99 programs

Envisys- Leading battery test chamber manufacturers & suppliers in the USA, UK, Russia & Bangalore- India

Envisys’s ET- Series Environmental Test Chambers is a renowned name in testing modular cells, automotive battery packs, and lithium-ion batteries. To know more about our environmental test chambers, check here.


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