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A venture for a global era by leveraging our technical strengths in design and manufacturing of environmental test chambers. Providing custom environmental testing solutions for electronics, automotive, defence, aerospace and various other industry applications.

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Full-front opening door with user-access front control desk, view-window and lock. Unobstructed clear work-space with port-holes and shelves for placement of DUT.!
Highly efficient mechanical refrigeration section with easy maintenance access frames built on single copper pipelining and on-demand technology for leak-prevention and power-saving features.
Rear access doors for easy maintenance consisting of fan motors, electrical panel etc., with all safety features for safe and continuous operation of the test chamber.
Pneumatically guided tapered door lid opening and closing with auto air-purge interlock. Easily accessible work-space with fine-fog simulation atomizer and specimen racks/rods
Non-metallic transparent acrylic saturated tower for producing the required saturated air
Independent control panel case and brine solution reservoir for easy use and maintenance

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