EWS-SERIES Walk-in Environmental Chambers

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EWS-Series Walk-in Environmental Chambers

Mono-block/Pre-fabricated design EWS-Series Walk-in Environmental Chambers with custom-built features to meet testing needs of large-sized test specimens

  • Mono-block walk-in chambers are designed for high-temperature operations using high-grade materials
  • Pre-fabricated panel structured walk-in chambers are designed for low and medium temperature operations
  • Both Water-cooled and Air-cooled mechanical refrigeration system available with hermetic or semi-hermetic compressors for better efficiency
  • Configured for temperature and relative humidity conditioning in the system ensuring high temperature accuracies, reliable test results
  • Integrated/remote refrigeration compartments and control panel

Control Console:

  • ET-touch color touch programmer
  • RS-232, RS-485, USB, Ethernet and USB host port
  • Height adjustable specimen racks
  • Cable Ports
  • Built-in web server which allows remote monitoring and operation of your test chamber from any internet connected PC or Smart Phone


Remote Control Console


Parameters Specifications
EWS10K -35T/65T 35H/65H 2200X2200X2000 MM - Work Space
EWS12K -35T/65T 35H/65H 2200X2200X2400 MM - Work Space
EWS14K -35T/65T 35H/65H 2200X3100X2000 MM - Work Space
EWS16K -35T/65T 35H/65H 2200X3100X2400 MM - Work Space
EWS18K -35T/65T 35H/65H 2200X4100X2400 MM - Work Space
EWS22K -35T/65T 35H/65H
Volume 10000,12000,14000, 16000, 18000 & 22000 Liters
Temp -35 / -65 to 180 °C
Relative Humidity 10 to 95% RH

Varities of Walk-in Environmental Chambers