EBS/ECS-SERIES Salt Spray Chambers

Corrosive Resistance Testing of Your Products

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EBS/ECS Series Salt Spray Chambers (Basic & Cyclic) are manufactured by Envisys in different versions to meet the diverse testing applications as per various international standards viz., ASTM, DIN, GM, JIS, MIL etc.,

  • Made of high corrosive resistant non-metallic glass-fibre reinforced structure.
  • Single block design with easy access and maintenance free sections.
  • Available in varied sizes to suit yourdiverse testing applications.
Salt Spray Chambers

EBS/ECS Series Salt Spray Chambers

  • Fine-fog simulation atomizer
  • Regulated humidity/saturation tower for producing saturated humid air
  • Low-density ceramic layer rope-heaters bonded outside the tank with aluminium foil rapping for uniform conduction of temperature
  • Hanging rods and slotted angle racks for hanging/placing the specimen
  • Maintenance free independent removable brine solution reservoir tub
  • User friendly control desk with automatic pneumatic guided door opening


Standard Volumes 300,600,900 &1500 Liters
Chamber Temp Adjustable from ambient to 50 °c
Saturator Temp Adjustable from ambient to 65 °c
Humidity Saturation / Controlled Humidity - optional

Salt Spray Chambers Versions

Optional control consoles as per customer choice for Basic and Cyclic versions.

Single Set Point PID Controller OR Color Touch Programmer.

Basic Version

  • Integrated control panel.
  • Temperature control system will be single set point.
  • Microprocessor based PID controller with precise temperature control.

Cyclic Version

  • Touch screen based complete user-programmable console capable of controlling chamber & saturator temperature, perform cyclic operations.
  • Individual event selection of dry cycle, high humidity cycle etc.,
  • Min 5 Nos of programmable timers for alarm activation.

EMS-SERIES MINI - Salt Spray Chamber

Salt Spray Chamber

Optional Accessories For ECS Models

ECS-01 Opt Accessory for Renault D17 2028 (ECC-1)
ECS-02 Remote Refrigeration Unit RRU/A1, RRU/A2
ECS-03 Spray Header Cycle (Vertical down)
ECS-04 Immersion Test Cycle
ECS-05 Wall Wash
ECS-06 SO2 Gas Dozing
ECS-07 De-Humidifier Unit
ECS-08 Multi-Solution Salt Spray
ECS-09 Controlled Humidity Cycle
ECS-10 Drain Treatment Unit


Salt Spray Chamber

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Varities of Salt Spray Chamber