ESC-Series Razor Blade Treatment Chamber

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ESC-Series Strip Cooler

ESC-Series Strip cooler –Deep freezer is designed with uncompromised features included in the system to meet your changing application needs of simulation deep temperature range of -80 deg C. This one of the kind product for sub-zero process of blade coming out from the furnace.

Product is inbuilt with robust Cascade water cooled refrigeration system with compact high efficiency BPHE for Water cooled condenser and Cascade heat exchanger.

Evaporator heat exchanger is designed with two layer of Solid aluminum block over with blade passing brass plate for conduction cool passing.

Deep freezer is designed with conduction heat transfer method to cool the heated strip for sub-zero process.

Temperature Limits Ambient to -80°C
No of Strip pass 2 / 4 Numbers
Strip slat dimensions 50 x 15 MM
Strip slot to slot 127 MM.
Ground to strip pass height 700 MM.
Max Speed 70 feet / min
Suitable for Thickness 0.4mm and width max 15mm

ESC-Series Razor Blade Sub Zero Treatment Chamber

Strip -Cooled Deep Freezer for Sub-Zero Treatment of Razor Blades. Deep Freezer for Razor Blades designed for sub-zero process of razor blades coming out of furnace. It works on conduction principle of heat transfer method to cool the heated-strip-by-sub-zero-process

Available in 2/4 Strips

  • Condition section is made with solid block aluminium heat exchanger via conduction method.
  • Over the heat exchanger Brass slatted plate with dead weight will be easy to access conditioning for maintenance
  • On the brass sheet 2 or 4 numbers of 50x15mm slots will be provided for passing the strips.
  • Over the conditioning section insulated door will be provided.
  • Door will have gas damper for easy open and close

Control Console: Two Numbers of Single set point Digital Temperature PID controllers will be provided. One Controller for Temperature controlling and other one for Comparison.

Varities of Razor Blade Treatment Chamber