ER-SERIES Rain Chambers

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ER-Series Rain Chambers

ER-Series Rain Chambers are designed and manufactured to meet IP tests viz., IP Test (X1 to X8) IP Test (X4K, X6K & X9K) in different possible configurations ER-Series Rain Chambers are also built according to various other international standards viz., BIS, JIS, IEC-60529, EN, DIN, JSS-55555, MIL etc.,

  • Designed to meet Ingress Protection Standards.
  • Built to the requirement from component level testing, room level testing to field testing of large sized products.
  • High quality corrosive resistance material for construction.
  • Drip-tank designed and manufactured to meet the desired fall-rate as per standards.
  • Spray and Jet nozzles are manufactured in single operation CNC with high dimensional accuracies.
  • Highly reliable water circulation pump and pipeline.
  • Vibration-free rotating table with variable speed control.
  • Full-view glass door with wiper.


  • Pre-set programmable timer.
  • Each sub-system with independent selection switch.
  • Single-set point microprocessor based PID controller for IPX9K.
  • Digital RPM indicator and sensor to read table RPM.
  • Analog pressure gauge and flow-meter for water pressure and flow monitoring.
  • Manual operated by-pass valves to set required flow and pressure.


Touch screen based complete user-programmable console capable of controlling and monitoring rain test parameters viz., pressure, flow-rate, set duration etc.,

Varities of Rain Chambers